Business Retirement Plans

Okay business owners; depending on the size of your business, the biggest drawback for offering a retirement plan is that these plans can be time consuming and complicated.  As a small business owner you need to balance the needs of your business against so many competing priorities as there are many ways to use your time and resources.

But understand your retirement plan is a critical fringe benefit, second only to group health coverage in terms of importance.  Therefore, choosing the right plan provider is one of the most important decisions you can make.

Is your current plan the “best possible” choice for you, your company, and its employees?  How can you be certain? 

Realizing that retirement plans are actually relatively flexible and can be somewhat customized for businesses is important.

For instance; free plan design, prototype plans, recordkeeping services, compliance testing, asset allocation models, internet access, and educational services are common services a business could choose to have as a part of their retirement plan package….BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!

Imagine having the following options:

  •  More conservative participants being able to choose from FDIC-insured certificates of deposit,
  • A plan offering individual United States Treasury securities,
  •  Being able to choose from hundreds of top-ranked no-load mutual funds,
  • Allowing participants to purchase individual stocks, individual bonds, exchange-traded funds, and certain unique assets,
  • Instead of being limited to a self-directed account relationship, you and other participants individually electing what is truly a fully-managed relationship option at no additional cost?
  • Having direct, local, and convenient access to a certified financial planner and other Wealth Management Professionals to assist with retirement and broader financial planning needs?

At a time when markets are far more volatile than normal, with growing concerns about the economy, choosing the right investment and relationship is more important than ever.  Is your 401(k) all that it can be???


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