The Latest on Taxes, Retirement, and College Education Savings


A few weeks back we discussed taxes on dividends and capital gains.  It appears we will have to wait until after the November elections to get some answers.


Some common themes used in the context of retirement planning include; income for life, you retirement paycheck, don’t outlive your retirement assets, etc.  You rarely hear “let’s figure out your date of death and plan from there” come from the mouth of a financial planner.  Although insurance companies and their actuaries base pricing and profitability models off of when people die (on average) they would hard pressed to accurately pin down the life expectancy of a single individual.   

 Planners typically default to a conservative age (such as 95 or 100) when planning, but there is something to be said for lifestyle, family history, etc. when figuring out how long you might need that retirement paycheck.  If you have a few minutes to burn  goes a little deeper than your average calculator when helping predict life expectancy.


We previously discussed college savings and 529 plans back in August.  Just like retirement plan participants, parents and grandparents are wondering how they can make up for the lackluster stock market performance over the last ten years.  The Sage Tuition Rewards Program is a wonderful, no-cost way of leveraging your savings into scholarships/tuition reduction for private colleges and universities.


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